Business Management System

Built whilst working at Purr Digital

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Purrple is an internal business management system built for Purr Digital that acts as the single source of data entry to manage jobs whilst talking to many third party systems throughout a job's lifecycle such as Harvest, Freeagent, Capsule, Asana, Slack, Hello Sign and TimeTastic. This saves the company a lot of time and accuracy from not having to update various systems all the time.

The system also handles a lot of project management and human resources tasks such as weekly time reports, retainer reporting, performance reviews, holiday and training management. With being able to bring all of this data together Purr are able to provide detailed reporting on how the business has been financially at different periods and also predict future financials.


Fundraising Platform

Built whilst working at Purr Digital

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iGiving is a fundraising platform that has taken over $500,000 and was needed to be an MVP to get to market but at the same time allow an admin at iGiving and Choose a Challenge to manage all donations, fundraisers, events and charities. Payout and donation reports can be generated for charities whilst fundraisers and charities also receive automatic weekly email updates on amounts raised.

API endpoints were created so fundraisers who sign up on Choose a Challenge will automatically have a fundraiser page created on iGiving too.

Social Pops

Social Media User Content Video Generator

Built whilst working at Purr Digital

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Social Pops is a platform for charities to be able to generate personalised videos to send to their fundraisers, for them to be able to share on social media and boost their fundraising.

A charity admin can log in to create an event(s), import a CSV file of their fundraisers (first name and fundraising URL), upload photo, video and audio assets and then click a button to generate all of the personalised videos. With a fundraising URL supplied, we are able to talk to third party systems such as Virgin Money Giving and JustGiving to get their photo and fundraising amounts to date.

Personalised videos are generated by combining the supplied assets and using FFmpeg and ImageMagick to convert, merge, manipulate and combine them into one output video file. The processing for this is managed with Laravel Horizon and a Redis queue due to the strain, length and complexity of generating these videos. All assets are stored on AWS S3.

Rocket CMS

Bespoke Headless CMS

Built whilst working at KaFe Rocks

At KaFe Rocks the company needed a new central CMS to replace their existing systems that were split between a bespoke Zend application and WordPress sites. When I joined I was part of a small team that started work on this greenfield project, we were tasked with building a bespoke headless CMS that can power any frontend such as Gatsby or Next.js. The CMS provides an API for the frontend via GraphQL, the UI is built in Vue.js following the MVC pattern with Laravel and has a lot of bespoke features that help give the company a competitive advantage.. The frontend is built in Gatsby, React and TypeScript and when built via BitBucket pipelines is hosted on Cloudflare worker sites.