My Top 5 Tech Podcasts 2020

17 August 2020


Hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. Syntax is a great listen if you're interested in full stack development / javascript as they always have some great tips and conversations. Also their intro is the best out there.

The Laravel Podcast

Hosted by Matt Stauffer. The Laravel Podcast is amazing if you want to hear from some really interesting people from the Laravel community such as Jeffrey Way, Marcel Pociot and Jonathan Reinink.

Twenty Percent Time

Hosted by Tighten Co. I've found the Twenty Percent Time podcast great for topics around your dev job such as being organised and imposter syndrome.

Full Stack Radio

Hosted by Adam Wathan. Adam's podcast Full Stack Radio is really insightful to listen to if you're interested in building your own software products as you get to hear first hand from guest speakers on certain topics.

The Laravel Snippet

Hosted by Taylor Otwell. From the creator of Laravel, The Laravel Snippet is a quick and easy podcast to listen to if you want to hear from him on what he and the team at Laravel are working on lately and his views on certain topics.

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